Pokemon Card Auctions Of The Week! Celebrations Still King Of Modern?

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  1. There is absolutely no reason for a charizard celebrations reprint should go for $2000. You can buy 10 of them and send to BGS and basically make $5000 plus yourself that way if this is what they’re going for. Ridiculous.

  2. Also noticing CGC perfect cards getting a premium lately – wonder if PSA will add a top tier level now just to keep current with competition? maybe PSA Pristine or Prime or Premier or Premium?

  3. I picked up a psa 10 bulbasaur from McDonald’s celebrations for $10 this week somehow. Haven’t gotten it yet but says the seller shipped. I looked at their shop and they mostly did graded baseball cards with some McDonald’s and cereal promos sprinkled in. So the guy was probably a stonker or something. But I say being on the junk slabs! I’ve gotten some random sweet deals in the past 4 months. Tons of slabs going for under $20 maybe you could make a video for top 10 under $20

  4. it's a complete non-sense to buy graded cards from the last 2 years…just because of populations, even the more iconic modern card will surely decrease A LOT in value starting from the 2nd year since it came out…

  5. I was hoping to see my two Brilliant stars Charizard V Psa 10’s on this week, one sold for $281 the other for $321 for the regular V card, paid and shipped

  6. sometime i wonder if these ebay sold listing is shill bid only, both, or paid confirmed one only. Even if its paid confirmed how do we know buyer paid for it ???

  7. I always want to talk to the people who spend 10 or 30 thousand on a graded pokemon card. What do you do with it after you buy it? Put it on a shelf somewhere it look at it once or twice a month I suppose? Lol

  8. The VMAX Charizard PSA 10 still sells for $150 with nearly 9k pop because demand is insanely high. How many English speakers are there in the world? Certainly more than 9k people want Charizard cards

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