1. Anyone that pays that much for a sealed game isn't a collector. Not even a gamer. It's an investment to make profit off people with mental illness. Hell I have an avs. I own and play what I had as a kid. This shits ridiculous.

  2. I feel bad for selling my sealed stand-alone Mario mint on eBay auction for a little over a 100 bucks i think was around 15 years ago i only paid a buck for it at a yard sale so seemed like a pretty good deal at the time lol

  3. Of course you don't call it "Ian Cash" Ian, everybody knows it's "Ian Bucks" jeez. It's got a picture of a bottle of ranch dressing on the front and a dude chugging a half gallon of milk on the back. How can you not know this?

  4. With this segment, I would say don't ever get rid of your NES collection, not so it will accrue value, but because there are not full collections willy nilly, so if you get rid of anything do it all and to a museum as a full collection don't worry about money but preservation is key

  5. I can't stand people that get video games slabbed and graded. They aren't old baseball cards or comics that can deteriorate easily. They are video games!!!! Maybe if it was a one of kind game or something, but Mega Man???? It's a common game, and I don't care about rev-a or hangtabs or any of that silly shit. Retro video game collecting has become absolutely ridiculous!! If I can't play the game, then it has no value to me at all.

  6. Hmm, Maybe Pat Cash is like Disney Bucks? They are only good at one location and for only a few things. I guess Pat's exchange rate is $1 USD = 5 PCD(Pat Cash Dollars)? Still, from 11:08 on I was rolling. Great job guys.

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