Replay – New Shepard First Seat Auction

On Saturday, June 12, Blue Origin concluded the online auction for the very first seat on New Shepard with a winning bid of $28 million. Nearly 7,600 people registered to bid from 159 countries.

The winning bidder will fly to space on New Shepard’s first human flight on July 20, and will join Blue Origin founder, Jeff Bezos, and his brother, Mark.

The winning bid amount will be donated to Blue Origin’s foundation, Club for the Future, whose mission is to inspire future generations to pursue careers in STEM and to help invent the future of life in space.


  1. BO stinks…not matter where. Where are the SLS engines you promised? While you SUE the government. You are stabbing NASA. You will fail, again.

  2. Pay your f’ing staff properly and give them proper rights before you try get to space Bezos. You’re the richest man in the world and treat them like crap.

    Elon Musk has already and will continue to beat you in space. Deal with it.

    Stop this BS and start looking after the humans you represent on Earth, before trying to expand elsewhere.

  3. Why pay £28m when you can just pay £250K later? You must be really rich to spend £28m on a 10 minute experience!

  4. The day will come when people will travel to space in less than $5000..Just like commercial aviation industry

  5. Wish I had $28 million to buy a seat on a rocket into space. Oh wait, I never will, because of lobbying by corporations like Amazon to give all the money to the 1% and give the other 99% the bare minimum.

  6. I dont wanna say "it isnt worth it", but i will say it is an incredibly poor investment.
    Because the price of admission will plummet in the next 5-10 years, to less than a twentieth of what it is now.
    Perhaps even by a factor of 100x.
    Paying 28m for something that will cost 280k in 2030, not a good investment.

    But hey, if people have that money to spend on anything, and if they dont want to wait. And if they want to etch their name into history, all power to them, god bless. But its not "worth it" in terms of monetary value. It is worth it in terms of experience.

  7. " we decided, you know what! We're ready to fly some astronauts "
    What happened to presenting evidence to Congress to see if they agree you're safe enough…?

  8. I feel like the term "ASTRONAUT" is really being misused now. This was not what I'd been expecting to teach my kids about what being an astronaut is all about. Talk about bad influence.

  9. A crew of only babies need to fly on the "New Shepard". It's the only way to achieve diversity. Also "blue" origin, that's too democrat.

  10. He better get a % of share in blue origin for 28mil! lol.. he must be so ignorant about space travel..

  11. jeff bezo Wrighting his will out wonder who's name he's put down incase anything goes wrong not his brother he's onit

  12. Well, the person helping the bidding on behalf of the client is going to get a very hefty commission for 28 million 😁

  13. Imagine wasting more money than most people make in their entire life just for a short suborbital bungy jump that doesn't benefit humanity at all.

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