Restoring A Government Boat Purchased From The Auction

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  1. Do you prefer Yamahas over any other outboard ? If so what years are the best? I have a 86 Johnson 40HP that I’m thinking of replacing. Really enjoy your videos!

  2. Do you know of a place that I can have a windshield built for my boat ? I want to get one that is shorter than my current windshield and have a grab bar built to go around it. Thanks in advance.

  3. Hello, how are you? where in Florida are you? I have a mercury optax 115hp that has a heating problem that I can't figure out. do you do this job? can you give me your cell phone number?

  4. Very impressive !! Well done !!! Restoring boats is a labor of Love. All the hours never add up to profit. Just cleaning one takes forever !! If you do it right. You my friend do it right !! Looking forward to you next video !

  5. You did such a job the was so good it blows the mind. However you fell short with putting those ugly numbers on it. Find a sign guy that's at least half as good as you are.

  6. This is a great restoration. I have someone in my area selling one of these Sea Pros, now. I would like to buy it, but i do not have the mechanical knowhow. I was encouraged by your video, but again, I am not really mechanically inclined to take on this rebuild. What do you think it would cost to pay someone to do all that?

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