Restoring my AS-IS Auction Corvette with 250,000 Miles for $1,400

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This C6 Corvette Z51 3LT with over 250,000 miles was left for scrap at my local car auction. I bought it dirt cheap and restored it only in a few days in a DIY fashion! It turned out to be an extremely well maintained car and should last another quarter million miles!

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  1. Nice car for under $10K. It's not the kind of car people will put too many miles on anyway, so it can last quite a long time even with the 250K miles start point.

  2. Great deal for less than 10k and nice job on the restore. I have the 07 coupe and it still drives like the day I purchased it. I have about 70K miles. I love the vert. but I like the big trunk space of the couple.

  3. I don't care what it is. 274,000 miles is a handgrenade with the pin pulled,,,,,just waiting for the right moment and booooomm.. Not to mention every moving part on it has that many miles as well. It would be a hard no for me if the price was over 6 grande.

  4. rockauto has zero customer service. if the shipper ever messes with the delivery. rockauto does nothing! skip rockauto!

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