Roots: A History Revealed – The Slave Auction | History

The slave auction was the epitome of the system’s dehumanization. #Roots

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Roots: A History Revealed
Season 1
Episode 1

A one hour, unblinking and fact-filled look at the real history of slavery, as revealed in Roots. This documentary features leading historians unpacking the history behind Africa at the time of Kunte Kinte and the Middle Passage, slavery on plantations.

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  1. im an immigrant who came in the u.s in 2006 when i was a complete ignorant regarding the slave trade and i only learned about it in h.s. I couldn't stop reading about it during our history class, im probably the only student who would ask the teacher if i could bring home our text book so that i can continue reading about it at home.

  2. One day we will thrive on this Earth, we was Kings and Queens in our country before we were taken away to the United States


    This was a period of time when SLAVERY was totally legal ! ! !
    There are no repercussions or consequences for being law abiding people. We don't live that way anymore, be thankful for it ! ! ! Had it not been for slavery probably as much as 90% of the black population today in the USA would have never been born ! ! !

  4. So chilling. An ugly history that must be told. Our people rise triumphant however. Number 1 is that we survived. Our ancestors contributed mightily to what has become American music, dance, storytelling, inventions and God knows what else. Up you mighty people!

  5. Just a small point but at the start of this clip that ship was certainly going a fair old speed of knots considering it did not have any sails that had been hoisted?

  6. Yet people want to act like the founders of America were all nice people then .

  7. It's amazing how inhuman people can be when given societal approval to be so. Only God can change the heart of man.

  8. I can't believe that anyone in anyway could ever justify this, this is just unbelievably horrible and disgusting

  9. all this selling was for the love of MONEY. it is all about MONEY… hello sell sell sell ; until someone passed a new law….

  10. There are Gallons of Blood Of Millions of innocent African Under The Buildings Of United States By The Worst Ruler Of Europeans

  11. Why the True about American trafickers is still hiden? Who trafficked more than 6 million slaves to Louisiana in the first half of the 19th century?
    Population of the South 1790-1860 by type
    Year Slaves in Louisiana US
    1790 654,121
    1800 851,532
    1810 1,103,700
    1820 1,509,904
    1830 1,983,860
    1840 2,481,390
    1850 3,200,364
    1860 3,950,511
    So we have:
    1 – about 4 millions slaves in 1860.
    + about 2 millions in 1830
    + about 1 million in 1800
    + about one million, because it wasnt possible for all to work the entire lifetime
    2 – slaves just lived as maximun until 30 years
    3 – 3 in 4 slaves children died in the first year, so as maximun we can count 6 MILLIONS slaves were imported!
    4- In the first half of 19th century slavery exploded as never before, because cotton, gin, etc etc increased as never before and New Orleans became the 2nd in US and the 4th Port in the entire world!
    6- Why the French Privateers, like Laffite and many others became the richest men in America and why Frenck became definetly a language in New Orleans?
    7 – Why about 200 slaves forts from America rich business men were doing in Cabinda, Angola and all over West Africa?
    8 – My question is one:- Why there is not one single book about the business men who became the richest men of America usian the stean and clippers?
    9 – Are universities still trying to sweep their waste under the Iberians and thus contributing to the destruction and discredit that the distinguished scientific departments have?
    Throughout colonial and antebellum history, U.S. slaves lived primarily in the South. Slaves comprised less than a tenth of the total Southern population in 1680 but grew to a third by 1790. At that date, 293,000 slaves lived in Virginia alone, making up 42 percent of all slaves in the U.S. at the time. South Carolina, North Carolina, and Maryland each had over 100,000 slaves. After the American Revolution, the Southern slave population exploded, reaching about 1.1 million in 1810 and over 3.9 million in 1860.
    – Life expectancy was short, on many plantations only 7-9 years. The high slave replacement figures were one piece of evidence used by the abolitionist, Anthony Benezet, to counter arguments that enslaved people benefitted from removal from Africa.
    What was the average life of a slave?
    As a result of this high infant and childhood death rate, the average life expectancy of a slave at birth was just 21 or 22 years, compared to 40 to 43 years for antebellum whites. Compared to whites, relatively few slaves lived into old age.

  12. I would have bought a few and treated them like human beings, taught them to read and write, let them live in the same house as my family.

  13. I find it difficult to believe that one could smell a slave ship a day before its arrival. I just Googled this and learned that an average sailing ship averaged about eight knots an hour, which translates to just over nine MPH. So that would mean that one could smell a slave ship as it was about ten miles out to sea. Is this possible? Please understand. This is my only point of contention with this video. Slavery was reprehensible! How we could have ever allowed it in our country is beyond belief. And for over three hundred years!

  14. What a shame to see such a well done documentary go off the rails, get political, and once again get it wrong. Not by lying per-se but making sure the watcher leaves with an impression that is contrary to the facts, a well practiced form of information disbursement today. The republican party freed the slaves, the democratic party fought that endeavor , and even today tells minorities they are not black if you don't vote for me although decades of democratic votes have failed to produce results. Now back to the show.

  15. Uh, pretty good rumor has it Strom Thurmond, yes, that Strom Thurmond, had a child by a black woman. So, this was not isolated to during the slave trade. But somehow black men have been synonymous with the deadbeat dad. Interesting.

  16. Of course no reference to the fact that other Africans were capturing their fellow Africans to sell as slaves.

    Let's tell the whole story if we are going to tell it.

    Immoral human beings are the issue and problem. Not one race vs another.

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