Secrets to Foreclosure Auctions and Tax Deed Sales

Discover what to do (and what NOT to do) when buying real estate at Foreclosure Auctions and Tax Deed Sales (also known as Tax Foreclosures). Although there are many pitfalls, this video shows you how to steer clear of them as well as make wise decisions when bidding. This is a must watch for anyone considering bidding on a property at a foreclosure auction or tax deed sale (tax foreclosure).


  1. I was once a Home Owner and had Income Property I helped out a Friend who I thought was a friend but really wasn't with a Loan dealing with real estate and lost a lot because of it. The information I learned today could have saved me my Properties.
    I Thank You for your educational courses on Real Estate I have learned so much in a short period of time may God truly Bless you and your Family for sharing this Awesome Information two all of us who were once lacking in thia area of knowledge.

  2. Just found your YouTube, you answered many many questions I have had.. that came watch other people’s YouTube Channels past 2 years. And confirmation of what I found out by experience months ago during the past year. Please be looking for me to contact you personally. Have more questions.

  3. Hey Phil your a rich guy and I’m a poor guy and I’m trying to figure out how to get rich and be like you. I hoping to do this by buying my first home with cash. Either one that’s already built or build my first home from the ground up. I absolutely HATE the idea of going through a BANK! I currently am working 90 hours a week as a local truck driver, salary of $90K a year and saving 50% of what I earn living on a beans and rice budget. I’m hoping I can save $150,000 after three years to buy a foreclosed home for around $20K in the Dayton Ohio area, fix it up and then live in it. IS THIS A BAD IDEA? Are you panicking for my sake reading this or is this a Good idea? You know what you are doing I don’t. -Thanks buddy! -JOHN J PATTERSON

  4. This is great knowledge!! Great way of explaining things!..but I have concerns could there be multiple investors buying delinquent taxes of different years on one property??? and have you heard of a investors passing over “Selling” there delinquent tax certificate they obtain of a delinquent tax property to another investor? Please throw some of your wise knowledge this way!!..

  5. hey phil,…nice mohawk..ha. great video,im trying to fiqure out my bid. its a tax deed propertie. i missed the last one i bid on by 2ooo.. . im retired and a very good rehabber,this thing is a real pig.. i mean diamond in the rough. i hope i can get it. thanks again

  6. I really appreciate all your tips. I am interested in Tax Sales , do you have any tax sale books and tax sales attorney that you can refer, doesn't matter the state. Or how to find a tax sales attorney. Thank you so much for the awesome information.

  7. I’m trying to sell one acre in the suburbs of Chicago and a potential buyer is asking if he can see a copy of the deed so he can find out more from the county assessors office. Should I send him a copy?

  8. Is Foreclosure case records public knowledge or u need to go through a lawyer?
    side note this person was able to afford a lawyer all those years but not pay his taxes yikes

  9. This video is packed with valuable information. No fillers. I thought I knew all about foreclosures until I watched this video. You are a great teacher.

  10. Do you recommend any title search company online? Also do you recommend a full title search or is a o&e search sufficient. how do you find the unrecorded leins/ municipal liens and hoa fees that may be behind. Thanks so much for all your videos. My wife and I have been studying them all for a while now and just want to get to a place where we can have time together as a family with our kids and not be worried about money . We are hoping to get our first deal started real soon .

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