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If you want to buy or sell antique swords, edged weapons, guns and other militaria, then consigning to auction is a great option. I run the arms, armour & militaria department at Chiswick Auctions and you are free to contact me there.
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  1. Hi I have an antique sword bought from an old man years ago, I never clean it cause I got told to leave it natural and I wonder if much it worth please.

  2. Can anyone help me date or authenticate an old ,I believe,Catholic Kings Sword. It has Mother of God be with us at harvest on the hilt in latin

  3. what about just appraisals? without immediate intent to sell? any good addresses? or ways to get to know more about what kind of sword i own?

  4. I imagine it felt really good to make that video. That had to have been something that was a long time coming. Happy for ya pal!

  5. If I could, I would spend my savings to buy an antique sword, just so I could use your services to sell it, if it allowed the opportunity to talk weapons with you.

  6. I see a patu ( hand weapon)Wahaika on your wall now you just need a Taiaha these are the weapons that fought the colonial troops sabre and bayonet at the famous battle of gate pa,,,,

  7. Hey Matt, what are the laws concerning shipping obsolete calibre firearms overseas?
    I have an obsolete calibre revolver and would like to ship it to the USA.
    Are there any special rules/laws about how it should be posted?

  8. I never knew this, and I lived 10 mins walk away in Ealing for 3 years. Sad face Now I'm all the way over in East London as you know. I never knew you did the auctions. I hope to see your website full with lots of new swords, I kept visiting to get some more sabres off you, but your website had very few restoration pieces for the last few months. I don't really wanna give up any of my swords, but I will buy the ones you sell 😀

  9. "Obsolete calibers" You said.
    Well in my perspective 7.62×54 (russian) is obsolete as hell. Still in service since XIX(!). It has a HUGE rim btw. Thus can I buy from your auction house something like PKM or maybe Dragunov?

  10. Does it ever make you sad when you realise that one day this channel will stop uploading content and Matt 'context is key' Easton will die?

  11. Matt comes out with a short video that's actually a short video!
    I believe also this may be the first time 'context' had not been mentioned!

    On a serious note however I may have a few pieces to contribute. Being in Canada however I wonder what the process would to get them over to you for the auction?

  12. Another point in favour of Chiswick is its a good auction house for "reasonable" price stuff at reasonable prices. A couple of the "name" houses in London seem to ask silly money prices simply based on their name. Chiswick isnt one of them thank god.

  13. There is Skallgrim, there is a Skallgrim copy Metatron and other Skallgrim copies that adequetly cover the fantasy/game stuff. And they're doing a great job all of them. I understand that you want to expand your field and attract more subscribers which isn't a bad thing at all. The bad thing is that there are not many people focused on solid scientific and historical research. You and the excellent Knyght Errant are the best channels I have found all these years and even though financial liberty is essential, I find it sad to see scholagladiatoria slowly moving to easy, catchy and charted areas.
    Yes I know, it is irrelevant to this vid.

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