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  1. Amazing changes in the last 60 years, when I was doing tractor work, we didn't even know what a JD 4020 was, I'm talking small Ford's, MF's, IH etc.
    So, a few times you get to talking about some piece of equipment and you are right next to it, but you don't show it; I know, everyone else already knows what it is.

  2. Both good looking young men!! Those blue eyes….New to the channel and I love that you show the work that you actually have to do. I watch another channel too and it is from a female perspective. Big difference in content!!

  3. That was a great trip. I love it when you talk the talk about the machinery. I actually get chocked up about the sales as a farmer puts their whole heart and soul into their work as do their family members and it is so emotional……'s awesome and very touching.
    Those are some beautiful machines. Sounds like they have had quite an operation going there and are joining up with the younger set and another farm perhaps. Those machines are unreal and the work all you farmers do with it keeps this country fed and the world actually in the big picture of it all.
    God bless you and that was so awesome to do the filming and give us all a heads up on whats out there …….I am sure your sharing this will help the auction and really bring it out where often times people won't always know such.
    Good job Chet and Eric…… guys are a hoot to listen to.

    Take good care!

  4. You know with some minor modifications that dump truck could be a very very good grain cart. You could modify the body so you could hold 2 semi loads. Then drive it from the field to the dryer. Could be on to something their no joke.

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