Silverstone Auctions 2019 NEC Classic Motor Show preview

Silverstone Auctions are hosting a two-day auction this weekend at the NEC Classic Show and I was these yesterday doing a preview of some of the star cars included in the sale. Public viewing starts on Friday, when the show opens and continues throughout the Classic Motor Show weekend.
The car auction starts at 2pm prompt on Saturday 9th November (lots 201-262) and then again at 2pm on Sunday 10th November (lots 401-456).
For more info head over to:

where you can see the full list of lots plus how to register to bid and watch the auction live on Saturday and Sunday. See you there!


  1. dear Mr. Metcalfe,some small adjustments to your explanations:the Montreal has a V8 engine, the Volkswagen XL1 has a 0,8 liter Diesel engine (35 kW)and a 20 kW electrical unit

  2. I've been binging Harry's auction-walks these past few days… and didn't he just build this one up to the perfect ending 😓

  3. Can you try and show these cars from other angles.. because cannot see the sides or back view of any of these classics

  4. What a wonderful video. Even though I have but 25p in my piggy bank and I'm more of an every day motorist, Harry's enthusiasm and warmth shone through to make a video that I would not normally view. I shall look out for more.

  5. 12:15 Either that is not a 78 Bronco, or someone has changed the headlights on it, because in 78 Ford made the headlights square on their trucks and Broncos.

  6. Great stuff ,had forgotten about the Alpha Montreal .Would love to see a quick follow up onw hat they all actually made at auction .
    UPDATE . Montreal made £39 k and the Noble £I48 k

  7. Congratulations! You made it all the way through a 20 minute video without mentioning once that you own a Lamborghini.

  8. 325i from Milcars, used to work for them. Still going in Bushey, Hertfordshire as a Mazda dealer but used to be a much bigger company with head office in Stanmore which this car was probably from.

  9. 313 mpg from the Volkswagen, if that’s their official figures then it probably doesn’t do over 200 to the gallon – just a heads up people 😂

  10. My father had the BMW E30 325i in 1987 which for me, was a nightmare to drive. Too small and with no good relation between engine power and driving performance at all. This thing could turn 180 degrees on the middle of a street at normal speed for no obvious reasons…
    It´s still the most crashed BMW ever over here in Germany.
    The Porsche 944 2.5 Targa (not the Turbo) is really the way to go. Classical Porsche for everyday usuage. Three years ago, very good examples from the Netherlands for 6.000 Euro, now 8.000. A good way to invest some money, increase in value guaranteed.

  11. 60 k for one of the most classic Astons and one of the most good looking car in the world? BARGAIN OF THE CENTURY?

  12. I have a right handed w126 SEC 380. Is it possible to offer the mercedes in the UK? 1981 and original 126340 miles. This is just a technical question. Thanks for coming information

  13. Renault Alpina what a beauty of a car lol. It was either this or the Nissan 300ZX or a Honda NSX.
    I chose the Nissan due to it being a minimum grand and half cheaper at the time. What a life I had. Now, mortgage and kids, I drive an 07 Mazda 3 haha.
    Loving it 🙂

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