Silverstone Auctions 4th June 2022 Ferrari sale preview, held in association with FOC GB

Silverstone Auctions next sale is their specialist Ferrari auction, held at Sywell Aerodrome in association with the Ferrari’s owners’ Club of Great Britain who are have their National Ferrari Owners’ Day there this Saturday, the 4th June. I went along earlier today to do a quick preview of the cars coming up for sale tomorrow.
For full details, please follow this link to Silverstone Auctions website:


  1. Harry is last person I thought who would mispronounce 'classiche' (23m 20s), by saying 'classeesh'. I expected such an erudite man to get that one right.

  2. Only Harry can make a statement like “it’s just like being in an Escort” while describing a classic Ferrari actually be taken as a compliment!

  3. I like all those cars but what kind of roof is that in the first part of video ?
    I cant understand how is everything holding in the air on those pillars?

  4. God. You Brits really love the most boring shade of blue. But that Dino in whatever shade of blue that is is stunning.

  5. Is it just me, or Ferraris look much better in any color that isn't red? It's just so refreshing to see! That blue on the 456 was known as "Blue Swaters," if I remember well, from the name of Ferrari's Belgian importer.

  6. I think people are now, at long last, are beginning to realize that the older Ferraris are worth more than the new but too late for many an investor…

  7. 8:54 "A friend who sold his countach….we got him an F430…HE'S NOT A CAR PERSON" Strange choices of cars for someone who isn't into cars!

  8. 11:30 – That 365 BB is a Heart Breaker. Thank you.
    by the sight of it, we should see a some Restoration video from Tyrell Motorsport

  9. Before I drink a Gin Tonic and enjoy this video: Love Benz, BMW, Jag, Aston, Land Rover and Exots like McLaren or Koenigsegg but Ferrari is definitely something special. Fantastic company. My top 10: 250 SWB, 365 Daytona, F40, Testarossa, LaFerrari, 512 BB, 288 GTO, 458 Speciale, 599 GTO and 355.

  10. I’m lucky enough to have some Ferraris. I own a chairs and flares 74 Dino and I have to respectfully disagree on the commentary in the video. The driving experience **is**incredible—they don’t just look great. It’s light and still feels fast. It’s hot on warm days, but other than that I have zero negative to say. These cars drives and sounds incredible.

  11. Oh, I love that yellow Dino. I am certain they were down at £50k when I was in my teens. Which was 31 years ago. A friend of mine has one of those fibreglass 308s for sale at £150k at the moment and will never sell his first car. An Alfasud 1.3 SC which originally had 79bhp, but now races at 200bhp I believe. It’s still got the 1.3 SC badge on the back 😂

  12. LOVE the yellow Dino's reg – Someone's had a RUF Porsche at one time! I can't find any records of a RUF 959 though – @Harry, do you know differently?

  13. I remember shortly after graduating from medical school in 1971 a colleague drove his brother's Dino into the hospital car park. It was like something from another planet – unlike any car I had ever seen. And God hasn't it aged well.

  14. Such a ‘remoaner,’ Harry! At least now I have the choice whether to pay VAT on an import car from Europe. Before I just had to accept that there was no VAT for an import from Europe. #takebackcontrol

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