Silverstone Auctions May Sale 2021 classic car & bike auction preview

Silverstone Auctions May Sale takes place at Stoneleigh Park (CV8 2LZ) on Saturday 22nd May and for the first time this year, you can attend the sale live! AUCTION SCHEDULE is 10am – Automobilia, 11am – Motorcycles, 2pm – Classic cars
Viewings are available from Wednesday 12th to Friday 21st May at Stoneleigh Park by prior appointment – contact SA 01926 691141 to book. If you’re not able to attend on the day, you need to register to bid online, by phone or via commission.


  1. Just to clarify, Lot 733 – the 1999 Subaru 22B-STi Type UK is not a fully restored car, I got it confused with Lot 734, the 2004 Subaru Impreza WRC. is all original apart from some easily reversible modifications and is coming to market from almost 20 years with its owner. (The restoration comment actually refers to Lot 734, the 2004 Subaru Impreza WRC).

  2. I recommended you to *Caroline23hack*on instagram to programming ur car he does is work perfect in USA beast on electric condition

  3. Very interesting, I wonder if you can find out what the cars and bikes sold for as there's a few surprises on the guide prices. Great video. 👍
    Kind regards Paul

  4. Im thinking Uk new cars ICE will be BANNED in 2030 So im Thinking you have to 2035 to RUN any off these on the ROAD in the UK ?

  5. I know what you mean about the Turbo woosh with the 4-speed 930. Current twin-scroll, electric motor driven turbochargers make for a boring drive. Give me a big turbo that takes a while to spool up, then takes off like a scalded cat.

  6. The 22b the lancia delta i would snap up straight away if i wasn't a poor poor man. That merc sl with the f1 pack top speed 186 is alot of car for £22k to £26k. That is some serious fun for the price.

  7. Watching a re-run of the live auction..
    Quite a few cars aren't reaching their reserves, including the Cosworth and the GT40.

  8. I find myself being most impressed by the Ford sapphire 4×4. As Harry says, those seats, the low millage and condition. Just amazing. But the price, incredible!

  9. That R33 LM Limited is stunning, pretty sure the exhaust is an old Nismo optional exhaust you could have had from their catalogue when they were new too. There were only 102 V-Spec LM Limited's made so a very rare and special car indeed.

  10. Didn't he know that the British bikes had the gear change and the brake lever on the same side as the Bultaco at the time?

  11. That Skyline needs to keep its chunky exhaust as a wink to the thousands of others that have been modified

  12. 6 minutes in and really sad you walked away from the Azure and Arnage. Kinda wanted to hear you expound. I’ll keep watching maybe . Maybe later ? Lol.

  13. Think you need to drive a Skyline R32 GTR Harry! Miles better drivers car than a 33 & 34.

  14. Mine, mine, mine. Zenos, Alfa, P944t. Eternal thanks to Mr B, now of Australia, for the trip in a 944t around Castle Combe way back then. What a lovely car Ian.

  15. How does this guy not sell cars for a living. I would buy at auction from this guy without realizing he's selling to me.

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