Silverstone Auctions – Post Auction Review – MCN London Motorcycle Show – 12 February 2022

This is a post auction review of the Silverstone Auctions auction on the 12 February at the London MCN Motorcycle Show 2022 , Excel.


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– Dave Mitchell. Dave owns and runs a classic motorcycle workshop called Mitchell’s Classics.
– John Oakes. John is a classic motorcycle enthusiast, rider and restorer and works closely with us on all our video content.
Instagram: @classicbikeman

– John Oakes for taking the time to film this auction review with us.
Instagram: @classicbikeman
– Mark Bryan, Dan Lovis, Antony Godin and the rest of the team at Silverstone Auctions for allowing us to film their bikes on the day and use their photos in our video.



  1. I think you quoted the color of the CB400F as Parakeet Yellow….I believe that color is called SULFUR.

  2. That Honda 400 would have gone for maybe 3000 thousand dollars here in the US . That RD400 would get that price in the US.

  3. I would rather have a brand new bike of my choice than any of the 60/70/ or 80's classic bikes and that goes for any combination of models or make for example Kawasaki Z900 RS than a Z900 or a brand new Triumph Thruxton 1200cc than a 1969 Triumph Bonnerville and the new Nortons go without even a mention from the old commando. Point is the old ones don't come close to the new ones and all you are dreaming about is memories.

  4. That 400 four. Great bike. Imagine a built Harris frame based honda 750 full yosh, bimota, tomaselli, marzocchi on gold campignola mags. Ohh brembo brakes and loads of goodies. New bike was 2k canadian. Parts. Umm 12k back then. My 750ss was cheaper. 6 k new.

  5. I worked in a Triumph dealer back in the day. I remember a guy coming by with a van. In it was a brand new Benilli Sei. He was the US distributor and was trying to unload the Sei. No one wanted an Italian import with zero service facilities. Probably could have bought it for $1800 in 1980s dollars.

  6. These post auction reviews are a great way to keep up with the prices and trends of the day and we get to look at some great bikes, keep them coming, cheers from Australia.

  7. Watching your channel makes my lottery tickets purchase quite a necessary weekly event,, as some of the bikes in the back ground,, especially the yamaha it 490k be a dream bike for me,,, luckily for me I bought a 2006 gsxr 1000 for 4900 pounds with 8500 miles and 2 owners here in northern Ireland,, goes with my 08 speed triple,,, be some happy new owners after the auctions, ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️😎😎

  8. I had a GT 250m Ram Air in gold. Happiest time of my life tearing up the A1 with my mates on their Rd's and KH 250's. I can smell the two stroke now. Also had a KTM Comet Cross when I was 16. Produced a whopping 3bhp !! Brilliant times.

  9. I'm showing my age. I can remember when most of the bikes you featured were in the showrooms, and could be seen regularly on the roads. In fact, I even owned a Honda 400/4 until some scumbag stole it.

  10. The Cb400 four was an interesting bike having only 1 mile on the odometer. The problem is, in my opinion, is that it’s value is linked to this mileage. The bike can’t be used as it would add miles and thus diminish its value. It can only be used as a display item or parked up in someone’s man cave. I purchased a low mileage 1983 GL1100 Golding a several years ago, with the odometer showing 2,000 miles. I have put on a few thousand miles since since but the bike still looks immaculate and I get the enjoyment of actually riding it.

  11. Looks a bit marmite ? What does that mean for the rest of the world ? How much is the buyer premium ? 20% like a lot of ripoff auction houses i guess.

  12. Wow, what a group of machines…some real beauties, some bad asses, some with war stories and others with track glory……

  13. I'm going to have to go to the next auction, I owned several CB750's and one RD350…. I didn't pay that much though. Excellent video, cheers

  14. I have a 1980 Benelli 900 Sei in my garage, the Benelli hasn't run since 2010, it might just be time to recomission it for the road.

  15. Great to see these old bikes, especially the 70 and 80's as that's my era, l would have also bought the 1977 Benelli 750, absolutely gorgeous

  16. Excellent countdown, thank you! 👍🏻 But c’mon… it’s all silly money now, hardly “reasonable”! But then again, I guess it’s subjective 🤦‍♂️

  17. I've got a 1976 Puch Maxi that I want £12000 for
    On the basis of this video I think you should all start forming a queue

  18. Incredible price for the 400/4, but what an amazing example. I loved my red 400F1 back in the late 70's.

  19. I have a 1973 Honda 350 four, the predecessor of the 400 Four, Great small bike reliable Honda and 4 cylinder smooth.
    Also have a 1956 Triumph TRW.

  20. Another great report, thanks. Would love to see a report on the Mecum auction here in the US. These motorcycles are truly an international market

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