Single-Price Lighthouse Auction: Patrie and Edgar

Superships, Coal, and other valuable items, as well as Doubloons-to-Credits conversion discounts!
The Lighthouse auction returns to welcome guests for another round of frantic bidding! Make sure you get to grips with the rules before getting stuck in, and don’t miss your chance to stock up on Credits using a special Doubloons-to-Credits exchange rate!

โš“ Rules of the Single-Price Auction โš“
You can participate in the Lighthouse auction only via a special category in the Armory.
Each Lighthouse auction comprises the following stages:
1. The lots, their starting prices, and the number of possible bid winners are announced.
2. The auction begins, and bids can be placed.
3. The results of the auction are summed upโ€”bids are no longer accepted.
4. There are no losers: The Lighthouse auction winners receive their rewards while the other auction participants receive their bids back.
The number of auctioned bundles is limited for each lot. Once the Lighthouse auction results have been summed up, the highest bids win. If the bids are tied, the bids that were made earliest win. For tied bids, the time when the last bid change was made is also taken into account. However, all winners will only pay as much as the lowest winning bid for the selected lot. Any excess will be returned to their accounts. Each winner obtains one bundle.
Depending on the lot, you can use various in-game resources for your bid.
It’s a no-risk adventure! Any bid that doesn’t win will be returned to the bidder when the auction closes.

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