Sold Auctions NOT Giving You Gold – New World

Join me in this quick video as we talk a recent bug going on after the most recent patch.


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  1. Dude they couldn't add a proper msg for the 2k gold of compensation for houses… This "gaming" part of Amazon is a complete joke. Who tf makes games with so many client side features…

  2. Too late for Steam refunds also. Steam love it when these type of things happen. Same thing happened with Atlas, big bugs came about a week after release and when everyone asked for a refund they were given the bullshit excuse that they had played more than two hours but that time was spent just trying to log in.

  3. Yeah that explains it I checked my sell orders and they were all complete I didn’t even get one single fucking coin and I put a lot into it fuck

  4. Just logged in to game 14:00mst on 28/10/2021. After about two minutes I had three sale orders pop up and my gold total did increae. Demone has more time in this game than I and obviously cares about his content but my experience with the auction house was not the same as his.

    One item was a full stack of silver bars, 1 armor piece and 1 ring.

  5. Worst part is still cannot transfert to my friends server because of this bug… and i have to keep waiting and play solo until they fix this. I honestly would rather give up on the gold and swap server. This is so annoying.

  6. Thought something was up when my gold never went up when i logged on.
    Noticed that today, i sold like 50 Tolvioum ores and i didnt get any money until a couple hours when the full stack of 64 sold.

  7. Is this a new bug with the latest update or has this been a thing?
    I havent had it happen to my knowledge…I log in each day hundreds to thousands richer.

  8. So I’ve been hearing people saying that this game is broken and now I believe it because this is bullshit I put a lot of stuff to sell and I went off-line for a week now I’m afraid to log back in because I won’t get my golden lose all my materials

  9. There is also a bug with buying orders. Yesterday I created buy order for suspended azoth flasks. Put 30 of them to buy in Everfall. Today 26 flasks were sold to me but I didn't get them neither in my inventory nor my stash.

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