Spending $1,000,000 in Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 Auctions!

I have $1,000,000 and the car auction unlocked, for my wallet… this is a dangerous combo…
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  1. This is my first youtube comment EVER. That being said, I use it to point out that stupid face your making in this thumbnail. How many pics did you take before you decided "this is the one"? What made you pic that one? So many questions…

  2. Theo: sees a lambo
    Theo:You know what I just saw
    Me: oh yeah
    Theo: A Corsa
    Me: Ohh noo……well that's disappointing

  3. Actually if you swapped with the fully upgraded Supercharged V8 DOHC it will produce more than 1000hp and over 250mph top speed

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