1. You think you would have learned the first time with the Tahoe, I hope you didn't buy it. Good luck bud, I hope you find a Tahoe that doesn't need so much work.

  2. 2016 tahoe really is a front bench seat rather have 4wd. get 5.3 that doesn't have cylinder shutdown. didn't kaiser became amc.

  3. Do you have ex government car auctions over there? FBI, CIA, DEA?
    I'd love a Tahoe…..Escapade….or similar.

  4. I always love these videos on Auction vehicles. I was surprised the Tahoe you were bidding on went for $12,800. Especially when you consider the cost and labor for a replacement engine and transmission. I have talked to police officers who have told me the Explorer's and Tahoe's are not very reliable.

  5. West coast classics auction dealer cars new subscriber Some of those cars and trucks do have engine problems there’s a lot going on

  6. All cars seem cheap compared to what we pay in the U.K. ….no wonder we’re known in the motor trade as Treasurer Island….bloody rip off for cars.

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