1. Spencer deserved to go hungry after passing up what was blatantly free food. A true survivor replenishes their strength by any means necessary… especially when gourmet meals are literally being offered to you on a bamboo platter.

  2. "Maybe the biggest bargain ever in a Survivor auction."
    You literally just sold a full steak sandwich for half of that, Jeff.

  3. They should get rid of the advantage or make it so u xan get bid on one unless u bit a minimum about at least once

  4. Tony: advantage
    Woo: ribs
    Kass: steak sandwich
    Trish: movie theatre snacks, rice
    Jeffra: quesadilla
    Spencer: rock
    Tasha: nothing

  5. I watched from start to finish for Cagayan. When it comes to final 2: Woo and Tony. Why Tony was voted as winner by those jurys ? Tony and Woo should battle one more time to become winner or looser. Winner is not supposed to be voted, and winner should be still battled out. I do not understand the way of this campaign.

  6. For God so loved the world he sent his only begotten son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but shall have eternal life

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