Farm Auction Stereotypes

Farm Auction Stereotypes. Love ’em or hate ’em, we all know ’em. Huge thanks to @Machinery Pete, Steffes Group and our highly trained actors for making this video possible. Special Thank You to Our Signature Sponsor Farmers Business Network FBN membership is now FREE! Start maximizing your farm’s profit potential today. ► Off The Husk… Continue reading Farm Auction Stereotypes

Farm auction at a RARE old old farmstead

come with me in the Doc as we head to an auction in Towanda Kansas 100 year old plus farmstead and not a single item has left this place till today’s auction several tractor sold and some very interesting old equipment come enjoy the day with us

Buying BACKYARD FARM Animals at the EXOTIC Animal Auction!!! (CATCH CLEAN COOK)

Day 2 of the exotic animal auction is here! This time we brought some animals home to EAT! I hope you all enjoy! Get your DUX All Meat Seasoning here – Support my videos by scooping up some Googan Squad gear here – (GET 15% OFF YOUR PURCHASE with code FLAIR) SAVE 30% on the… Continue reading Buying BACKYARD FARM Animals at the EXOTIC Animal Auction!!! (CATCH CLEAN COOK)

Farm Auction-Should I buy it?!

A live Steffes farm auction! I’m interested in the 40 ft Rotary Hoe… Should I buy it?! Lots of clean equipment up for auction. Special Thank you Donavan and Steffes for letting us document the retirement auction. We even had a minute to catch up with Machinery Pete. Farm Auctions Stereotypes video in the making!… Continue reading Farm Auction-Should I buy it?!

Kansas farm auction picks! 100 years of trucks, tractors & cars! What's in the abandoned farmhouse?

Mr. Goodpliers heads off to a farm auction to bid on 100 years of history! A century of trucks, cars, tractors and more wait in rows to be sold. Watch and see what he finds… then follow along to see what’s in the abandoned farmhouse!