04-05-2022 Pahrump's Estate Auctions 411 To Hold Luxury Fun Estate Auction

It’s not lifestyles of the rich and famous. But it might just be the next best thing. Estate Auctions 411 is putting luxury items up for bid this week as part of its Luxury Fun Estate Auction. Estate Auctions’ Ron Gibson gives us a sneak peek.

We Went To An Exotic Animal Auction Look What We Came Home With!!!

We spent the day at the exotic animal auction check out all the cool animals we bought. We definitely wanted to bring a monkey to the farm but unfortunately They cost more than what I thought We also ran into Chad with Adler farms and Rae’s Ranch & Rescue. The EMU we purchased was for… Continue reading We Went To An Exotic Animal Auction Look What We Came Home With!!!

Friday Fun Day Auction Lucia and Anita

5:00 PM today ,our information for registration, if you want to bid . Lucia’s email Best_ach@yahoo.com Anita’s email TRASHTOTREASURE76@GMAIL.COM text to register at 818-751-0773 Please join us at 5:00 PM Pacific Time for a fun jewelry auction Hope to see you there Lucia’s Etsy shop: Anita’s Etsy shop

On The Hunt Ep.13 Semi Auction

#auction #semispotting #bigdreamsemptypockets On this “On the Hunt” episode I shared some truck found at a local auction. Surprisingly there were some vintage iron at this sale including Peterbilts, Macks, Internationals and an awesome mid-80s K100 cabover. Unfortunately, due to COVID, they’ve shutdown all live auctions and do it all via the web which just… Continue reading On The Hunt Ep.13 Semi Auction