Taiwan Seafood Auction – Shrimp, Salmon, Fish Sale in Morning Market !

豐原中正公園對面市場 直播海鮮叫賣 Traditional Taiwanese Market Seafood Auction 地址: 台中市豐原區水源路1號 Taichung City, Taiwan #auction #fish #seafood #market #海鮮叫賣 #叫賣哥 #傳統市場

The Art Market: Part 1 – Auctions

I made this series of mini-docs with artsy.net and UBS about the contemporary art market. The idea was to tackle a difficult subject and offer a primer on how to begin to understand it. This is part 1, concerning fine art auctions. Edited by Nate DeYoung. The Art Market (in Four Parts) series is owned… Continue reading The Art Market: Part 1 – Auctions