The 3-day Classic Sale at Silverstone 2021 auction review

Silverstone Auctions Classic Sale at Silverstone this year kicks off at 2pm on Friday 30th July with the Motorcycle sale, followed by two Automobilia and Classic Car sales on Saturday and Sunday. I went along on set-up day (yesterday) to see what was in this year’s sale.
Here’s a link showing all the lots on sale;


  1. When they are listing the "guided price" (for £60k) does that have any relevance to the "reserved price" by the owner (for £120k) ? The "guided price" is just to get you interested to start off the bidding… it may as well be £200 guided price.

  2. Why sell your dream vehicles, if you have insufficient free cash, just pledge them as security for the money at unbelievable low current rates and repay with the proceeds of your success.

  3. A lot of the smart investors will start selling their stock as strict emission laws come into action…sadly these cars are now a liability and not an asset the way they used to be considered.

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  5. A fascinating review of the wonderful selection of cars on sale. The Rolls Royce with Lambs Wool boot lining and inlaid doors was a bargain, as were a good few others. Your innate ( and learnt ) awareness of all of the vehicles is appreciated Harry.

  6. Another great video. Maybe there should be a second (Directors) edit with even more footage! I could watch it for hours.

    We saw Harry wonder by at the back of the pits on Saturday.
    The Hammond collection turned out to be more fun than I could have imagined, he and his camera crew parked themselves within 6 feet of myself and my buddies for the duration. It was fun to see his reactions as the various lots went under the hammer.

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