The Auto Auction: Here's What Really Happens! (A Tour of the Manheim Dealer Auction of San Diego)

Ever wonder how an auto auction really works? Do you, like many people, think that car auctions only offer junked cars with salvage titles, frame damage or repos? Think again! You’ll find everything at an auction from brand new, 0 mileage cars, solid reliable sellers, exotics, luxury cars, economy cars and even classics! And yes, you will find the occasional hunk o’ junk as well…Those cars gotta go somewhere, too! (Usually to parts vendors or salvage yards) Truth is, nearly every car on Earth makes its way through an auction at some point in its life, sometimes more than once. Follow me through a tour of the Manheim facility, San Diego County largest dealer-only auto auction. Together let’s discover how it all works, and hopefully we can demystify some of the stigma behind auction cars!

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