The Beatles AUSTRALIAN Vinyl Albums – History & Sound Quality | Parlogram Auctions

In this video, we take a detailed look at The Beatles’ original 1960’s Australian vinyl albums. Including the story behind their unique covers, compilations and their sound quality.

0:00 – Opening sequence
1:18 – Titles
1:36 – The first Australian 45s.
2:38 – ‘Please, Please Me’ LP
5:20 – ‘With The Beatles’
7:55 – ‘A Hard Day’s Night’
8:46 – ‘Beatles For Sale’.
10:42 – ‘Greatest Hits Vol.1’
11:45 – ‘Greatest Hits Vol.2’
12:46 – ‘Magical Mystery Tour & Other Splendid Hits’
13:55 – ‘Hey Jude’ & ‘Let It Be’
14:35 – Sound Quality tests
20:00 – Conclusion
20:23 – Sign-off & credits.

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