The Complete Guide To Buying A Car At Auction | Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car

Mike and Elvis give their top tips for getting a good deal and avoiding old bangers at a car auction.

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  1. Ed China puts up a new video , 300,000 views in 1 week , mikes video 24000 views. Self explanatory really 🤪

  2. Can you discuss the BCA | We Buy Any Car | Cinch Kabal if you dare. Same company directors at Company House for all 3 Ltd Companies ? Discuss ? Or won't touch the topic with a barge pole ?

  3. Great video guys and a good insight in to how auction works. More auction videos please as there is a shortage of them on YouTube

  4. I thought Mike sold his soul to the Americans. What's he doing back in the UK thinking people still respect him

  5. Excellent …..paying a trader too look for a RR Autobiography Aintree Green Cream or Tan Leather Ulez ….really enjoyed that video 👍

  6. That is impressive… seems that auction houses have improved their game in the UK… not so much in Canada or specifically BC. It's the wild west out here, with dodgy vehicles being the norm.

  7. I love the wheeler dealer show and everything about it.i think Mike and anth should be on bbc's top gear.. ps who do you think was the best mechanic edd or anth??

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