The Kannenberg Collection Auction Day 2 – Gas Monkey Garage & Richard Rawlings

Welcome back to second and final day of the Kannenberg Collection! From today till tomorrow, Richard Rawlings’s LARGEST buy ever crosses the auction block.

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Missed the beginning of this HOLY GRAIL collection? Check it out here ➡️

Richard Rawlings has made his biggest purchase ever of 230+ classic cars and motorcycles! It’s been a long road to get here since Richard initially made this deal. With the auction of all these motorcycles a week away. it’s time to see everything in this collection cleaned up and looking pristine. Let’s see it all!

There are absolutely no words for this incredible 230+ classic car and motorcycle nest that Richard Rawlings has found! Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, VW bugs, MOPAR, old Fords, race cars and racing motorcycles, its literally ALL there!

Stay tuned for FULL episodes of Gas Monkey Garage

Huge thanks to Worldwide auctioneers for taking on this incredible project with us! Check them out at ➡️


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  1. bro these items that is been selling wasn't because of poor quality auctioneers this is not one item is a lot don't stress as long as Richard is happy i thin these guys did a great job.

  2. I like this stuff but the auctioneer is driving me bonkers. People preserve this kind of stuff with the thinking it will fund their retirements. My guess is Denny paid more for some of the stuff than they are getting for it. If Richard had hired someone to sell each piece out of his shop he'd make double, triple his investment who knows over what he made here. I would have loved a shot at selling this stuff. He has to pay them 25% or more commission as well. I have followed and attended auctions for years and had my favorite local auctioneers. I have found the best one's to hire to sell your stuff also do livestock auctions. Texas has to be full of them. Those guys are pros who have a loyal following no matter what they are selling and are fast and get the crowd going, This guy puts me to sleep. If Richard broke even it would be a miracle.

  3. OMG! A 1969 Kawasaki 500 H-1 With 1mile on the clock for £13,320 no "world record"! He must be gutted. A Z-1 900 £11,470, I could cry just thinking about it.

  4. I think it has a Ford engine you think you don't know and you do mean motor .
    Saling cars with flat tires cars with garbage in them and etc
    How long did it take you to write ✍
    The catalog about two weeks and it shows . They didn't say how many miles were on the bicks or cars and etc
    Poor excuse for an action .

  5. Richard gets a % of the gate fee, the full bid amount, plus a slice of all sales. From 21%-25% the additional percentage and fee go to the auction company. It is far from a 🛁, Richard writes off every expense but why not, he ain't Santa Clause.

  6. On the Recycler sale I knew before calling out the number who was buying it. Congrats Dennis you bought a piece of history right there. That car deserves you caring for it. Cheers.

  7. His total

    Memorabilia: $133,525
    Cars: $ 337,550
    Bikes: $800,450
    This includes both videos. Hope this helps in case anyone was wondering if he profited or gained cause I know I was curious. He definitely gained considering he still has more to sell plus the lot. So he definitely gained.

  8. Some deals, but most bikes had no title. The Guzzi sold for way to much. Many bikes had new graphics,and some repaints. Most 80,s and 9O,s bikes have low retail anyway. Adding 12-13.5 % buyer premium,then taxes, on an as is bike,with no title….that explains the prices.

  9. It was cool at around 2 hours and 50 minutes…when Dennis stole the microphone from the blonde lady. I bet he didn’t give it back for the rest of the interview.

  10. My dudes…*compressor/limiter PLEASE!!!
    Can't hear Richard and that SNL character with the "hot mike" just sent me away with bleeding ears.
    Good luck Richard…looking like a shallow pockets shit

  11. that gas powered scoot -mobile, i tried to look it up and i couldn't even find one ppl talk about the lack of info on each piece and they are right as there should have been a year, a who made it and im sure MR Kannenberg would have known everything about it .had they asked him .

  12. I hope we keep seeing more about all these items…maybe Richard selling what’s left in Minnesota, maybe Dennis restoring the cars/bikes he might have gotten.

  13. Like to see the juke of Kannenbery collection go to Auction, As one person juke is gold to other people, Sometime the rubbish can make more then the good, So Gas monkey Auction the juke.

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