The property auction bidding tricks the experts don't want you to know.

Auctions are commonly used to maximise the sale price for the vendor. Compared with sale by Private Treaty an auction is an open and transparent process, with benefits for both buyers and sellers.

So what steps can you take to increase your chances of placing the winning bid on your next property? Watch this video to find out the tips the experts don’t want you to know.

Disclaimer: © 2013 WBP Property Group (WBP). This video has been produced as a general guide and does not constitute advice. It does not take into consideration individual circumstances, which may impact investment outcomes. While it was produced in good faith and with due care, no representation is made for the accuracy of the whole or part of the video. WBP accepts no liability for damages suffered by any party resulting from their use of information in this video.


  1. I use the flexible limit all the time and it works, but i only use it with items i must have, of course i end up with a litle less profit but thats more than no proffit at all

  2. Thanks for watching our video. At WBP we’ve advised investors on investing in property for more than 20 years, with the aim to maximise investment outcomes. These tactics have helped thousands of investors gain the winning edge and are endorsed by WBP’s experienced property advisers who’ve worked in the real estate industry for many decades.

    To learn more simply contact our office on 1300 302 581 and one of our property advisers will be glad to speak with you in more detail.

  3. Your helpful tips are crazy and only increase the sale price of a property…
    Setting a flexible limit.. WTF. People only get into bad spots by not sticking too their set limits and should have all their money set before they arrive… not bid on emotion!
    Holding back is a tactic used too keep bidding low…. it cant increase if people dont bid.. again only favours the seller too get people bidding early. Most of your tips will turn a cheap bargain into a ego war were people over spend

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