The TANK LEAKS in the TEASER! – Under The Hammer AUCTION EVENT!

So @World of Tanks Europe just released a video showing off a teaser to an event called UNDER THE HAMMER! an event where you can get 5 rare vehicles in an auction type thing. Most notably apparently the Object 268 Version 5!
And yes, this is apparently NOT the Black Market for 2022!

Cheers and have fun!

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  1. I think the glasses has to be a Tier 8 so I am guessing the Type 59G. It always sells good and is a good money grabber for WG. The rabbit is the other tier 8 and my guess is the EBR

  2. This event is sort of evil if you think about it. They want gold or free exp but players who predominantly play the game free to play will only have free exp, so they're draining free exp from players who don't have gold. This comes right when they'll be introducing the Yoh branch in the American line

  3. Personally I don't think they will have 2 Chinese tanks. They are not popular and WG wants to clear out the gold banks from the Christmas boxes. I know I won't be spending anything on those two tanks.

  4. Is it gold OR xp, or gold AND xp?

    Also do you have to get up at stupid times of the night to get it or can you bid during the day and it ends after like 12h

  5. Also that T95e2 is just balls over cheese grater to play and really didn't enjoy it very much at all so I almost never play it except to be bit of a hipster once in a blue moon to take it out for a spin or two in FL.

  6. Yea the Qilin is pretty cool and as one of the lucky few to own one I say that it is well worth collecting for those who are able to afford one. Sure does make the pubbies take notice when the gun fires.

  7. I am a free to play player so i have no gold, however since blueprints are in the game, XP grinding are far less prominent, so i just play the tier 8 premiums (that I collected in the bond store and black market), which means i have loads of free experience, 190K to be exact. Hoping to pick up something neat with it!

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