Tisha Campbell-Martin Auctions Wedding Dress! – HipHollywood.com

Tisha Campbell-Matin and her hubby Duane Martin have been married for 16 years…that seems like an eternity in Hollywood! With such a successful relationship we were wondering why Tisha would be auctioning off her wedding dress?! Well, Tisha recently stopped by the HipHollywood loft to explain. No, there isn’t trouble in paradise, she is actually auctioning off her dress to raise scholarship funds for the New Life Leadership Academy. Tisha’s son attends the school which was funded by her friends Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith in 2008.


  1. I admire celebs that can live half regular among hating fans. Live and let live. .who cares about their personal life. .we only care about their work life. . .entertain us lol. .leave the couple alone.

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