Tractor and Equipment Auction!

The Ted Everett Auction in the Indianapolis area has a huge inventory of machines – anything from lawn mowers, zero turn mowers, sub compact tractors, larger utility tractors all the way to combines. Tractor Time with Tim and his friend Michael walk the grounds looking at all the equipment before watching some of the small tractor sell. Does Tim buy another tractor?

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  1. Tim, with so many up for sale do people get deals on these (ie do people get caught sleepin or get tired of bidding) or does every tractor generally go for a respectable price?

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  3. notice how many machines are being exported to south america?

    Those same machines will be used to put you out of business over the course of the next four years once they finish burning off the forests and setting up plots. ♥

  4. Hi Tim i like your videos a lot after watching your videos I went out and bought myself a compact tractor. It’s a Massey Ferguson. I call it Thomas. So keep putting out videos I will continue watching them thank you.

  5. I have great will power. I can squeeze money pretty well. But walking into one of those auctions would be like walking into a tool store. All will power melts lol….

  6. I thought I wanted an Orange tractor (I've lived near Syracuse my whole life!), but after watching pretty much every one of your videos have decided to go Green. Each has their own pros and cons, but I ended up with far more check marks in the pro column for the 1025R. Money being a major factor in this purchase, I watched your stolen auction video with interest. Hopefully, I won't make the same mistake! What would be helpful, though; is a video on what issues may arise with the purchase of a preowned 1025R. What parts tend to wear on a 1025R? What were your most expensive repairs? How often will the "average Joe" have to bring their tractor in for service versus doing the repairs yourself? Is it worth investing in a trailer for these dealer visits? How can you tell the difference between a tractor that's been abused and one that's been well taken care of? Do you have a "guesstimate" of the average cost of ownership per year? You've answered so many of my other questions with your videos, perhaps you could also address these. Not all of us have a money tree growing in our backyards, but I'd sure like to plant one with my new (used) tractor!

  7. Funny thing is Tim I've been looking at John Deere's for about a month and a half. And I seen a bunch of those same identical tractors for sale all over the country thank you sir for showing me that. The school district snow blower when I actually called on.

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