UK's Top 10 Most Expensive Motorcycles Sold At Auction In 2021

In this video we take a look at at the top 10 most expensive motorcycles sold in the UK at auction in 2021.

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– John Oakes for his help with producing this video and presenting on the day.
Instagram: @classicbikeman
– Tom Joule for allowing us to use his office location to film the video.
– Ben Walker, Caz Sullivan at the team at Bonhams for allowing us to use the photos of their bikes.
– Julian Roup at the team at H&H Classics for allowing us to use the photos of their bikes.
– Alex Patterson from Brooklands Museum for sending us the photo of Noel Pope.
– Mark Bryan from Silverstone Auctions for allowing us to film his bikes at their Auction.

– MV Agusta 750S – Jay Cross – no changes

– MV Agusta 750 S America 1977 – Yesterdays Antique Motorcycles – no changes

– 1910 Pierce Four – Daniel Hartwig – no changes

– Henderson Model KJ 1305 cc 1930 – Piero at Dutch Wikipedia – no changes

– 1928 Indian Ace – Qflieger – no changes

– Ducati 750 Paul Smart DM – Khruner – no changes

– 1954 AJS E95 Porcupine racing motorcycle engine – Craig Howell, a.k.a. El Caganer – no changes

– 1953 AJS E-95 – Mike Schinkel – no changes

– 1954 AJS E95 “Porcupine” racer – Craig Howell – no changes



  1. I wonder what my first motorcycle, a 1968 Norton Ranger P11A would be worth today? It was near complete and original with just the high pipes replaced with a low pair of Dunstalls.

  2. OMG, 115K GBP for a Duc which you cant trust to run free of problems for 50km, some guys must have too much money 🙂 – anyway, not my problem lol – its certainly a very nice bike, a friend of mine had a 750SS in the late 70's, the bike was more in a garage for repairs but on the road

  3. I once owned a 1960's Honda CL 350 that I bought and later sold for a few hundred dollars. I rode it for transportation for years. The bike was a bit of a joke as bikes of the era go, and certainly not worth much. I recently saw on-line that several of them in good condition were going for $6000 and more.. Amazing what some of these old bikes are going for. I also had one of those old Yamaha small bore single cylinder 2 strokes. I bought it used from a Yamaha dealer for $150 at the time and sold it for about the same money years later. I can't believe how much that bike in this video brought at auction. I think people are losing their minds, but whatever. I also think that people tend to lose their minds a bit at auctions and get that fever where they 'must win' the bidding.

  4. I bought my RG500 from Action Suzuki in Australia for $4995. I sold it with 12,000 klms on it in 1988 for $2700 The last one I saw on Ebay Australia was at $44,600.. reserve not yet met. Suzuki Australia kept the first one they ever imported. It was offered a couple of years ago at $80,000 AU

  5. These auction sites take the piss on prices there just old bikes Yes ther worth a bit more but really they should be ashamed of what ther asking as they cost heaps of cash to restore an already knackerd motorcycle , there like greedy estate agents , I hope they all go to the wall in the future 😡

  6. lot of money for a ducati 750 ss, a used to own a 1974 it was immaculate, alloy imola tank polished was hub steered built by difazio have a photo of the son in law with it, swapped it for a 650 a10 plus 400 quid did a do the right thing, guess not, ohh bugga

  7. It's kinda strange to see the motorcycles that used to get treated as `just another bike', like Yamaha LC's (Elsies) and FS1E (fizzies) now commanding such astonishing prices. I guess it's telling me that I must be a bit of an antique myself. I wonder how much I'd fetch with a concourse restoration…

  8. Thank you for all. I built and own a racing sidecar with Ducati 750 "Imola" engine in 1974 . ATTARD SIDECAR -FRANCE . It was one of the first racing sidecar with racing cars wheels and tyres , central engine , Etc

  9. I remember a shop in Liverpool in the mid sixties you could have bought the shop full of bike for £2000 they had everything and where selling Velos . Nortons . Triumph. Every scooter you could think of from Zundapps to vespas my mate bought a working vespa for £10 . Hindsight is a wonderful experience of missed opportunities. ❤

  10. rd350, 120000$ that is insane these prices are 10x there actual worth.
    I will suggest that the market this video is talking about is the equivalent of buying puts or push on the stock market.
    Hoping that some kind of hype will influence an already inflated unrealistic price.

  11. I biought my 750 SS back in Jan 75 and i still ride it today. She has 33k kms on the clock and will never be sold. 4 years ago i was offered 55k Euros which i turned down.

  12. But getting real, the only motorcycle really really worth collecting is a Vincent Black Shadow. Any company can build exotic zoom machines, but a bike that likes to throw people over the handlebars and ram your boot into your pelvic socket as you try to kick start it (and has on occasion) is pure class.

  13. All engineered to make bikes impossibly expensive, WAAY in excess of what they are ACTUALLY worth I hate these profiteering parasites….. not a true biker amongst them … imagine paying 34k for a rd250 you go straight into negative equity. you'll NEVER get your money back, and it's too expensive to use….. and imaging trying to do an agreed value with the insurance broker…. (you paid HOW MUCH>>???) sorry , we won't cover that….

  14. Carn't wait till the suckers are stuck with their investments. This is the reason motorcyclists carn't afford a decent older machine.

  15. The AP50 was a superior machine, I swapped mine for a pair of silencers I seem to remember. Friend of the family gave me a 64 Vespa Sportique which I got running &mot'd, sold it to a mod for £150 ,that was probably 1980, thought I'd done well, couldn't give them away back then.

  16. When you think everything is made up of atoms and atoms are 99.9999% empty space, these bikes are expensive for something that will end up as a pile of dust in the future.

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