US Marshals Drug Auction Oklahoma R34 GT-R NSX Supra Celica GT Skyline

Most of these cars are illegal in the United States. This was a rare opportunity to see some true Japanese RHD cars before they are exported out of the US.

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  1. Omg I'm literally drooling looking at all these beautiful and rare cars randy thank you for sharing this amazing video all the best and keep up the great content love the videos all the best from Dave I'm the UK

  2. Why is a guy who's motto is " if it goes for next to nothing i'll buy it" looking around in this kind of auction?…he's not going to crowbar open his wallet for anything…..

  3. Why on Earth can you not have a right hand drive car in the U.S? Here in Great Britain we can own and run left hand drive imports, luckily like Japan we drive on the left so our cars are right hand drive so the Japanese J.D.M engined cars are a no brainier to seek out and import as there are some models not available to Europe and J.D.M engines are more highly tuned from the factory.

  4. OK boys the video you have rhd vehicle right do u know the Philippines here are the best at changing it lhd allowing you to ship to North America and others places around the world

  5. Datsun Nissan 280zx isn't it the red one Skyline GT?. I love that man. You could have exported it to some middle eastern wholesaler randy. They love these cars. Oh Mitsubishi Galant so beautiful

  6. Randy you can convert the cars to left-hand drive vehicles and thus drive legally, here in Germany we can drive right-hand drive vehicles legally, but the conversion makes things a lot easier!

  7. The former owner of these cars just should have waited a few months or years.  When the state gets around to legalizing and selling marijuana, he could of become an authorized dealer.

  8. The man is honest with everything and everyone up front. You people that bad mouth him show your lack of manners. He's standing there, and all you can do is be a keyboard Rambo. Says a lot.

  9. Appreciate Video clip! Sorry for the intrusion, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you considered – finding government seized and surplus property (probably on Google)? It is a great exclusive product for #keyword1# minus the headache. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my good mate called Gray after a lifetime of fighting got excellent results with it.

  10. I really enjoy your channel but you need to start researching cars more you can tell every time you go to the auction that you have no idea about the majority of vehicles especially this video you sounded really dumb

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