Used cars sales at Pioneer Auctions in Dubai, UAE

Pioneer Auctions, Dubai’s leading auction house, is the place to go for used cars or pre-owned cars. Right across UAE Pioneer Auctions brings more vehicle buyers and sellers together than any other company. Whether Cars, Vans, SUVs, Motor Cycles or Buses and Trucks, Pioneer Auction’s unique portfolio of services matches buyers with sellers. True to the name the company are pioneers in introducing state-of-the-art technology combined with comfortable and high quality surroundings this company is the creme-de la creme when it comes to auctioneers in the region.


  1. This auction time is over
    2010 to 2015 was active and good running performance
    But now over 👎if not belive just visit there will see some scrap cars bitting by owner's themselves and no any real buyer just re auction for next week 🤣🤣

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