VERY rare Ford County 1474 up for Auction

Is this the Holy grail of classic tractors ? Has a finer example ever come to market ? I get to look over and even drive one of the rarest tractors in todays market.
You can view the full sale catalogue here:

And you can see the full restoration build sheet here:


  1. Never driven a country….but that was a beauty of a machine…..even more shocking what it made 😳 😳😳😳😳😳

  2. Was great vid nice one Mucker. I remember Counties we had in 80,s and was, compfortable working in as a passenger anyway! Keep the good work

  3. Lord muck you were right just noticed the 1474 made £214,000 at Cheffins, do you think we will ever see it outside a shed again.?

  4. What a stunning restoration, I am interested to know the final hammer price, always liked the county.

  5. You cannot get much better than a County, but I also have a soft spot for a Doe triple D (Hmm I wonder if I could bolt another Major on behind mine)

  6. Hey mucker, did you make it along to the sale on Saturday? She went for record money 😎🤑

  7. You know me hate every Ford 🤣, holy grail well where to start JD 2040s/2140 2650/2850 3050/3650 4755/4955 6810/6910 7710/7810. Any of them will do me apart from the ones I’ve got already 🤣🤣

  8. My opinion is the
    John deere 7810
    John deere 7710
    John deere 7530
    Qnd a John deere 6610 the tractor I fist learn to ever drive

  9. I love County Tractors. I have 2, a December 1962 Super Major-based Super 4 currently under restoration and a Super Major Based Super 6. The Super 6 is a July 64 skid unit built by County in August 1965, number 15101, and one of the very last Super Major-based Countys built. Last nut and bolt restoration and never for sale.

  10. The effort and attention to detail James has put into that is absolutely phenomenal
    For me the holy grail would be a really nice original and full spec MF 168

  11. The Holy Grail of tractors has to be the Ford tw 10 two wheel drive with the early white rad. grill now that's what I call a mean looking rig.

  12. Fantastic looking machine must be the best short nose 1474 iv'e seen yet normally County tractors were driven by mad men and thrashed to within an inch of there life, what do you think its worth now must be around fifty thousand pounds surely.?

  13. Proper job, very nice. My favourite was the ford fw60. I drove one for a agricultural firm doing runway 2 at Manchester airport

  14. Absolutely stunning! What a fabulous tractor. That’s likely to go for big money I would suspect.

  15. Holy grail for me (A proper MF nut) a MF 165 or MF 590 Turbo (ive owned one of both in half deacent shape) whit multi power in prestin condition would be my holy grail.
    As of now i have a 1961 Dexta im restoring so a Dexta whit 4wd would be a nice edition to go along whit it aswell. cant have enough old iron realy 😀

    Loved the video. Fantastic looking county!

  16. Why were so few built Kurt? Amazing standard of finish, probably better than originally turned out. Amazing

  17. We used to own one GNU 494 V sold it to Jaz Wilson in Scotland. Sad day when it went.
    It was in excellent original condition, sadly just before the county’s went popular and expensive.

  18. The grail tractor for me would be a county but probably even rarer than the 1884/1474 and that would be the super dexta based pivot steer timber skidder that as far as I can tell was only produced in single digits and at least 2 were exported

  19. What a stunner , I had the privilege of spending the summer on one of these back when I was 19 years old doing all land work on a 700 farm

  20. I like the Fords but I like the old ji case 1570 with America flag edition spirit of 76 💯 that's my favorite one we had 1570s but they were wore out 15x over by the time I ran them and they were still power houses. We have had 1896 but it just didn't tick the box without the bigger engine. I love the puma but I love the sound of the old case engines.

  21. I would hate to know what it's going to go for 🏦 but it's a perfect restoration and probably looks a lot better now then when it was brand new

  22. question time: i PERSONALLY consider fiat tractors to be kind of the holy grail of tractors to collect. considering they were used for their purposes and more. i especially love the orange 80 series like the 1979 880 for example.

  23. Astonishing finish on that tractor 👍🏻 county or roadless are undoubtedly appealing but I do have a real soft spot for the David Brown 50D’s

  24. Love this restoration, it is truly special…. but I’d give my left testicle for a reasonably priced (!!!!) 1174. Fell in love with that model when I drove a contractor’s one as a teenager. I look forward to seeing what this one makes… I think a considerable wadge of cash!

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