Wata & Heritage Auctions Game Scandal Blows Up

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Wata and Heritage Auctions respond to the graded game scandal allegations in the wake of Karl Jobst’s video, and more details revealed!
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  1. We need people to talk about the non-graded stuff. Loose games, complete games, it ALL is way high from all this. The game market in total needs to go down. The same stuff with Wata is what is going on with games like Crusader Of Centy, Keio Flying Squadron, and others that are chosen and forced to go up.

  2. an unreleased console one of a kind PS+SNES sells for 200k+ yet a game for a console that has been printed in the 100's of thousands possibly even millions sells for more? What is this world coming to?

  3. I just wish there was more evidence that it is affecting the used/opened market in any significant way.
    I would love for the price increases there to be solved by a collapse but Im not holding out hope from what ive seen so far

  4. Queen of the comic book grifters Nerdy Girl Comics is also a graded video games collector and seller. Surprise, surprise, all her games are WATA. She is not a gamer or comic book reader at all. DO NOT support grifters in our hobbies!!

  5. The greedy set will always find a way to satiate their greed…. I remember Baseball cards and coins when I was a kid (the bubble). And I guess now is the time to have a gaming bubble.

  6. So basically they are buying their own games for crazy stupid prices to artificially increase the prices for retro games they all own? 😂

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