We found the big boy toys at Ritchie Brothers the largest auction yard in the world!!!!

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Had a blast with Dirt Boss and Letsdig18 at the Ritchie Brothers auctions in Florida.


  1. I had to laugh when you messaged me thinking I was at the Florida sale when I was at the one in England ! Anyway I managed to video me messing with the CAT rock truck 😉

  2. I believe that was 8:30 pull pan and the second thing was a 920 semi that would pull lowboys I actually ran the 9:20 when I was in and we had m290s pool pans they would run up to 45 miles an hour you at the tractor and then you hook onto a pan that was the gooseneck that you guys were looking at enjoy the video 🚜🇺🇸

  3. I always thought the same as that John Deere 764 was a great idea. In talking to the Deere people at trade shows, that unit came out about the time the housing market tanked and then took so long to recover. The JD 764 was targeted at that market of doing the job of both a grader and a dozer on residential development. As to those large dozers such as CAT, Komatsu, or Liebherr, they just keep getting rebuilt. Saw a D11 advertised this last summer by Kiewit that had 75,000 hours on it!! Don't know how many times Kiewit rebuilt that D11 but that's a lot of use. Thanks as always DP for the great videos!! Always look forward every year and appreciate the auction vids with you and letsdig18 and the gang!!

  4. Yeah, for real some BIG machines (checked out by 3 BIG guys) we all love to watch. I, for one, was happy to see you all have a break with a smile from your hard working videos we all love to watch. Glad all of you had fun and find a way to make it more often and thank you for taking US along!

  5. The 6 wheeled JD excavator, saw one the the Air force had in there Maintenance yard. I think those were for convoy use with front line troops to repair bomb crater in a runway. The Military used them. The big green 4 wheeler with blade on front. At one time it had a scraper rear for Military use, I believe. Those Richey Brothers yards are huge. Thanks for sharing.

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