We Went To An Exotic Animal Auction Look What We Came Home With!!!

We spent the day at the exotic animal auction check out all the cool animals we bought. We definitely wanted to bring a monkey to the farm but unfortunately They cost more than what I thought
We also ran into Chad with Adler farms and Rae’s Ranch & Rescue. The EMU we purchased was for Rae’s Ranch & Rescue

If you love exciting outdoors and family stuff you will love the videos.
Spending father son and daughter time in the out doors teaching them new things.

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Walker Farm Fam

Rae’s Ranch & Rescue

Adler Farms

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  1. Exotic animals like primates and wild cats don't make good pets the people selling them should be arrested and private breeders shut down even if they are born in captivity you can not replicate their natural habitat .

  2. Wonder if this is where Daniel and DeJay got Phoebe their lil donkey they are bottle feeding? Those baby goats are so precious. Your children seem very good with animals. I think it is so nice how all of you homesteaders with YouTube channels work together and wear each others merch.

  3. Speaking of the monkey…you really wouldn't want one if you knew how stinky they are and males get mean when they get older. My brother had one.

  4. Hey guys here from Adler farm and ears rescue,
    You did a great job getting Eddie the emu,
    Great job guys

  5. 👍🦋🦋🦋🦋👍🎉🌸💖🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🦋🦋🦋🦅🐣🦅

  6. Hi there sent by the walkers and chad to check you guys out. What a great video showing all the animals from the auction amazing what animals for sale. Hope your new animals settle into their new home. Thanks for sharing 💕🙏

  7. I enjoyed going to the auction with y'all with them animals I hadn't been in years loved it thank you for videoing it God bless you all take care see you in your next video

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