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  1. you are excited about buying a Humer for the life of me i don't know why you would be at buying the biggest most expensive piece of JUNK at the auction weight till you get the bill to fix any thing on it just to change a tyre you have to drop the entire hub assembly you can have the thing also expensive to run gas mileage is shit you say fix i say insure it and burn it

  2. my uncle bought a dodge weapons carrier (a very big jeep) it had a canvas top. he took it to a upholstery shop and they sent him next door to ac fab shop. the ac fab shop made him an aluminum top and them put sound deadening matts 12×12 5 them. 3 under side of the roof and two on the back panel. it also had a cutout for a window.

  3. Couldn't help but notice how this channel seems to get an excessive number of views, compared to the number of subs. It's a decent channel, but not THAT captivating, or that common/ popular of a subject.
    Don't get me wrong, good for him/ you/ yin, but it seem he must have something set up/ computers that remotely watch videos for him. Not angry or jealous,just curious.

  4. Hey man I’m new but if your wondering why people may like this check out the channel auto auction rebuilds. He does auto auctions repair. A lot like this but in Heavy equipment! Very interesting to me. Great video my friend definitely gets a thumbs up

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